JULY 21, 2017
CORRECTED 9-21-17 TO CORRECT THE FOLLOWING: Richard Ripper states that the MOSEA is currently approved at an authorized IRS CPE Provider. TO: Richard Ripper states that the MOSEA is currently approved as an authorized IRS CPE Provider.
The meeting of Directors of the Missouri Society of Enrolled Agents was called to order by Vice President, Patricia Sanders, at 12:10 p.m. on July 21, 2017 at Camden on the Lake Resort Spa and Yacht Club in Camdenton, Missouri.

Those in attendance were:
Immediate Past President, Richard Ripper EA
Vice President, Patricia Sanders EA
Secretary, Sheryl R. Gorman EA
Treasurer, Chuck Riggs EA
Directors Present: Julie Myers, EA; Jim Talbott, EA; Margaret Doedtman, EA,
Serita Eldridge, EA; Kathy Blood, EA; Debbie Tolbert EA.

Not in Attendance were: President, Jessica Ammons, EA; Directors: Lois Pontious, EA; Karen Arredondo EA;

Secretary: The minutes from the previous meeting were not available, and were tabled until the next meeting.
Treasurer: Treasurer, Chuck Riggs, presented the financial report. Margaret Doedtman motioned to approve the report, seconded by Serita Eldridge, motion carried.
Membership Committee: Jim Talbott reports that the MOSEA had a presence at several functions around the state. Serita Eldridge added that the presence was well received.
Education Committee: Richard Ripper reported that the speaker, Ben Tallman, EA, is locked in for the Booneville Fall Conference. The price is $100.00 for 8 hrs. with a $15 early bird discount. The price includes breakfast and lunch. MO state issues will also be presented. The speakers for the 2018 Annual Convention are possibly secured as well.
Convention Committee: Patricia Sanders reports that the 2018 Convention is planned back at the Camden on the Lake Resort Spa and Yacht Club. Moving the convention to another location was also discussed.

Special Projects: Serita Eldridge discussed special projects with possibility of upcoming dates for seminars.
Nominating: Richard Ripper, Margaret Doedtman, Barbara Gregory
Audit: Jim Talbott, and William Brush
Budget: Chuck Riggs
Convention: Patricia Sanders, Jane Ulhorn, Debbie Tolbert.
Membership: Lisa Beckman, Laura Gierer-Woodring, Dennis Whittaker, Jim Talbott, Kathy Blood, Sheryl Gorman
Government Relations: Ginger Crooks, Elizabeth Robinson
Communications: Jessica Ammons, Chuck Riggs, Julie Myers, Sheryl Gorman
Education Committee: Richard Ripper, Margaret Doedtman, Serita Eldridge
APEX was discussed and those planning to attend. MOSEA could possibly send Jessica Ammons.
Chuck Riggs reported that the 990 for MOSEA has been filed timely.
The next meeting of the MOSEA Directors will be September 18, 19, or 21. We will be advised of the meeting date and time by Jessica Ammons. The meeting will be phone conference, with possible web interaction.
Has the Annual Report been filed with the State of Missouri. This will be answered at the next meeting.
Richard Ripper states that the MOSEA is currently approved as an authorized IRS CPE Provider.
With no other business coming before the meeting Richard Ripper made the motion to adjourn the meeting. The motion was seconded by Serita Eldridge. The motion carried and the meeting was officially adjourned at 1:12 p.m.

Respectfully Submitted,

Sheryl R. Gorman EA

Sheryl R. Gorman EA
Secretary MOSEA